Multi-Purpose Arm Cycle Ergometer

Action MPACE – Upper Body Ergometer

Caregivers have long recognized that prolonged immobilization negatively affects the central nervous systems, skeletal and muscular health and the respiratory, and digestive system.  It can also result in decreased cardio and aerobic capacity.  Boredom is another factor that must be considered, anecdotal evidence from participating therapists supports that the MPACE addresses this challenge, by providing an activity and exercise the patient will look forward to.

Clinical testing of the MPACE has provided positive feedback from Veterans and their families with one Veteran referring to the machine as “a ray of sunshine” and his wife saying, ”It put a smile on his face, and I have pictures to prove it!”

The MPACE Is Perfect For

The Action MPACE addresses those issues by bringing exercise to the individual patient’s room and bedside. The MPACE provides a stable platform for upper body workouts while in the supine position.


Prolonged bedrest and immobilization are standard treatments following certain surgical procedures (e.g. spinal cord injuries or amputations), and is most often utilized to protect the surgical site as it heals.


Physical inactivity often leads to a decline in skeletal, muscular, digestive and respiratory health, along with decreased aerobic and cardio capacity.

Rehab Facilities

Exercise is recognized as an important activity to reduce or remove the negative affects of prolonged bedrest.

MPACE Instructional Video

Keeping true to an original goal, the MPACE is priced to be within reach of the even the smallest clinics and rehab facilities.


To see the Action MPACE in practice watch this instructional video.

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This is what professionals involved in the clinical studies have to say:

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