Upper Body Ergometer

MPACE – Multi-Purpose Arm Cycle Ergometer

The Multi-Purpose Arm Cycle Ergometer (MPACE) is used to exercise the upper body. The MPACE is a manual upper body arm ergometer built and designed to be used by therapeutic physical rehabilitation and maintenance. The user may lay in bed, sit in a chair or stand in front of the MPACE to conduct their exercise regiment.


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  • Portability and Maneuverability
  • Narrow width for easy passage through doorways
  • Onboard tablet charger eliminates messy cords
  • Solid locking base that reduces wobble during use
  • Smooth surfaces for ease of cleaning between uses
  • Easy to operate windows surface tablet
  • Minimal pinch points for safety of staff and patient
  • Affordable for facilities of all sizes
  • Redundant springs for added support and safety while in use
  • Quick and Easy change from in-phase to out-of-phase pedaling
  • Easy, tool free, change of hand pedals
  • Nesting design for efficient storage of multiple units


  • Weight: 166 lbs.
  • Base: 57″ x 37″
  • Height: 72″
  • Flywheel Ergometer
  • Microsoft Surface Go 2 Tablet
  • Onboard Battery Pack
  • Anti-Static caster wheels
  • Dual Locking floor brakes/pads for stability

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Using the Upper Body Ergometer in Physical Therapy

The concept of the MPACE is to provide an engaging exercise option to those experiencing prolonged bedrest. In doing so we can reduce deconditioning and in turn the need for weeks of reconditioning before they can move into functional rehabilitation. The less time in rehabilitations translates to cost savings for healthcare and more importantly, expedites the patient’s ability to return to their normal daily living activities.

Since 2009 Action Manufacturing, Inc. has been serving the recreational needs of the disabled with the Action Trackchair. Once introduced to the concept of the MPACE, Action Manufacturing recognized the shared mission of both devices and the immediate ability to produce the MPACE. Weekly feedback, provided by the participating hospitals and their therapists, resulted in changes that improved the device, making it easier and safer for care providers and patients alike. Equally important, through every step, no one ever lost sight of the price objective, keeping the MPACE affordable for facilities of all sizes.

Perfect for Hospitals, Therapist, Nursing Homes and more

The release of the MPACE to clinical testing coinciding with appearance of the SARS-CV-2 virus (COVID19) made apparent, another benefit. With bedridden patients limited to their rooms and unable to travel to other areas of the hospital for therapy, the MPACE can easily come to them. Moreover, it can serve multiple patients a day. Providing exercise, engagement, mental and physical stimulation.